Hospitals or Dentists: Where To Go In Times of Daental Emergencies?

If you pay a visit to the dentist, you are guaranteed special care for all your dental problems. On the other hand, hospitals are the preferred destination point for handling all your health emergencies. In this regard, people sometimes get confused where to go to in times of dental emergencies. The answer isn’t as simple as a ‘do this’ or ‘do that’.

Certain situations demand a visit to the hospital while in other cases you will benefit from seeing the dentist. This read will focus on clearing your doubts on this matter. So without further ado, let’s delve into this question, and find out what’s appropriate for you.

When Should You Should Go to The Hospital

If you are currently facing a dental injury that has the potential to spiral into a life threatening situation, then it would be recommended that you go straight to the hospital.

Oral predicaments which demand a call to 911 include issues like jaw fractures, jaw dislocations, face or mouth lacerations and even infections or abscess which can cause breathing trouble. These problems and other oral traumas are urgent and it’s best to go to the hospital directly.

When Should You Go to The Dentists?

There are certain oral emergencies which are not life threatening per se, but do require immediate attention. If you get your teeth knocked out, or crack or break a tooth in an accident, you need to see a dental specialist. For example, MGA Dental, emergency dentist in Brisbane can immediately address these dental emergencies to increase your chances of retaining your complete smile. Do remember that if you have encountered a violent injury in which you do have a knocked out tooth, but you are also losing a lot of blood, then visit the hospital. Your life is more important than a missing tooth.

How to Handle Toothache?

A toothache is generally not a life threatening problem. If you know it is due to cavities or other common problems, then you can opt to wait for the dentist appointment. If you have a decayed tooth, which is sensitive to hot and cold food it can be painful, but you can wait until your dental appointment.

Sometimes, the sensitivity issue won’t even warrant any expert care if it is due to small decays, loose dental fillings or because of your gums receding. You can just start brushing your teeth with a dedicated sensitivity toothpaste. Do remember to use up and down motion while brushing your teeth as brushing sideways can wear out exposed root surfaces.

Times When You Can’t go the Dentist

The dentist that you generally visit might not be available at all times when you have an emergency. If this happens, you shouldn’t wait while your dentist finishes his or her trip. It will be better if you get treated somewhere else. Make sure to update your dentist later and inform them about this little venture.

You might have certain complications of which only your dentist is aware of. And the new treatment procedure might not be good for you in the long run, so visit your dentist as soon as you can.

In another instance, you will find that your dentist refers you to the endodontist instead of treating your toothache. This may happen if you have a pulp tissue damage. Your dentist cares about you and doesn’t want you to compromise on health care. Thus, they will refer you to the specialist for your problem – the endodontist. This man (or woman) specialises in pulp related problems. You might have even heard of some of the procedures they carry out – root canal procedure.