Prevent Kidney Stones with Maize And Corn – Fitness Time

People in their day to day life face different health problems. The unhealthy lifestyle and busy life schedule of today’s people make them affected with different issues in their health. There are a lot of problems which are common among people. One such health problem is the kidney stone. Kidney stones or rock stones can be developed by men and women young or old. The best thing to do is consume as much water as possible. The kidney stone will pass from the kidney through the ureter and out of the bladder.

Most often bladder stones are small enough to pass on their own but when they might cause complications the doctors will suggest surgical procedures to cause the stones to shatter into tiny pieces small enough to pass through the bladder. Most often formed by minerals within the urine. Dietary is one major contributor to bladder stone formation. 80% of stones found are calcium oxalate stones. 10% are uric acid stones. If rocks are found in the kidney the first step is to drink a lot of water to flush the rocks out.

Treat with your diet

Apart from taking surgical actions and other type of treatment one those who suffer with this kidney stone problem can treat it with their diet. Diet is the best medicine for any health issue and this is same for this problem also. The food we eat daily in our life serves as a good medicine for a lot of health problems if we take them regularly.

Likewise, the two useful food items of our daily life such as the maize and the corn serves as a good medicine for kidney stone problem.

How maize and corn helps in treating kidney stones?

Corn is a useful and healthiest food item which is taken by people all over the world. Different recipes can be made by using the corn starch and it is exported by all starch manufacturers. One such excellent recipe for kidney stone using corn is the corn silk tea.

Treat your kidney stone with corn silk tea

Corn is one of the important food items which are used for kidney stone. This is commonly used for health issues related to kidney. Those who want to treat this kidney stone problem with self treatment can try this corn silk tea.

This is a good herbal remedy for the kidney stone problem. If taken regularly, the corn silk tea will increase the flow of urine in the body and prevent further stone forming in the body.

Maize in kidney stone treatment

Like the corn, maize also a good remedy for this kidney stone problem. Powder the corn ears of the maize. Mix this powder with powder of barley in a cup of water. When this recipe is taken regularly, it will increase the fluid flow in the body break the kidney stone and flows out the stone with urine.

Thus, those who are suffering from kidney stone problem can take these two recipes and this will give a good remedy to those persons