Dianabol – The Strongest Synthetic Steroid That Works Like A Magic

Dianabol(Dbol) is a synthetically created drug which is equivalent to testosterone in function. Dianabol is used as a brand name of selling thismethandrostenolone laboratory prepared anabolic steroid. It is one of the most popular bodybuilding steroids among athletes. It has come out to be the best steroid with a test and Dbol cycle works differently on different persons depending on age, genetics and diet. No other steroid has come close to it and hence, you will see many testimonials and images for its amazing transformation power.

The factors on which Dbol transformation depends

As stated earlier, the transformation varies from person to person but it is not unpredictable.

Age – Age is a major factor because different human bodies react differently to Dbol depending on age.

Exercise – The types of exercise a person is doing determines the region of the body which is likely to expand more than the other.

Duration – Duration of exercise determines the extent of transformation. The more time you spend in the gym working out, the better would be the transformation.

Cycles–The cycles in which you are taking Dbol determines its effects and it is justified with a test and Dbol cycle should be prescribed according to body limits.

Health Status – A health body is likely to get more transformation than a weak and diseased body.

Diet – It is needless to say that your diet is one of the biggest factors in determining the transformation Dbol can bring in you.

Combination – Generally, Dbol is enough to act on its own but for accelerating results, it is taken in combination with other steroids like testosterone itself.

Other than these, weight and genetics play a major role too. If by genetics, a person is quite skeletal and bony, Dbol won’t really work at its best. Similarly, a lean body with minimum weight is unlikely to see major transformation.   A physician takes all these into consideration before prescribing it to someone.

Benefits Of Disnabol

Apart from fast muscle gains and overall increase in body strength, it helps in nitrogen retention in the muscle. It provides instant energy and helps retaining that and therefore, some athletes are tempted to take it before the events. It also helps in faster recovery once a person is back from healing a medical condition. Surprisingly, it also helps in losing fat especially in those who have athletic body type. Dianabol has more anabolic properties than androgenic and so, it does not show any remarkably characteristics of the opposite gender.

Side Effects Of Dianabol

The dosage of Dianabol plays a major role and it must be taken as per the advice of a physician. The higher the dosage, the more are the side effects.

One of the worst side effects of high dosage of Dbol is that the excessive muscle growth will overcome the growth rate of tendons and ligaments. Therefore, many athletes complain of torn ligaments and tendons during the transformation.  It takes months to recover and hence, athletes with high doses of Dbol are banned in some sports events.