Things to Consider When Hiring a Discrimination or Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Even after enactment of several federal, state and city laws to prohibit employers from indulging in a discriminatory act and sexual harassment, a lot of employees still face such issues at workplace or public places. It is tough to make a decision whether or not to file a case against your employer as it can lead to personal, stressful or embarrassing situations.

Having encountered such experiences, it is important to find an experienced sexual harassment or discrimination lawyers to fight for your case. There are a few things that you need to consider when hiring the lawyer.

Hire employment lawyer on following basis:

Solo Practitioner or Law Firm

When you hire a small firm or a solo practitioner, your case can come at a halt at any point of time when the attorney falls sick or come across any urgency. You cannot afford your case to switch to a waiting state until the time he resumes his work. Due to this reason, it is important to go for a law firm that provides a team of attorneys who can provide you substitutes in such emergencies.

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Whether it is health, law or any other field, one always need a lawyer that is highly experienced in their field of operation. Honing of skills comes with every single case that the attorneys handle. An experienced lawyer will be equipped with skills and techniques to get the results in an ethical manner and shortest possible time.

Who the lawyer is going to represent?

It is important to hire a lawyer who is updated with the constant changes in the employment laws. This will help in effective handling of the case. There are some lawyers that work on behalf of both employees and employers. It is important to choose a lawyer who would be fighting the case only on your behalf.

Types of cases dealt by them

To decide on a legal firm, it is important to ask them about the number of employment cases that have been handled by them in the past? Learn about the success ratio they have achieved in their past cases. Ask them how many cases have been settled mutually (mediated privately) and how many went to trial. You should also figure out for the type of court, for which they practice, i.e., federal and/or state court?


Discrimination of any type and sexual harassment can be very disappointing for a person. It can cause a lot of stress to a person. Finding assistance of the right lawyer with the help of these tips would surely help in dealing with the case strongly and effectively.