Why You Should Learn First Aid

First aid is a valuable life skill that everyone should learn at some point or another. It’s not just for the medical professionals of the world – it’s a simple set of skills that any person can pick up with the right expert training. Taking a short first aid course could equip you with the skills you need to make a difference in a vast range of emergency scenarios that you could encounter any day. Not convinced? Check out these important factors and then find a way to learn.


Those first few minutes make a difference.

When someone collapses in a public place, the first thing everyone does is call an ambulance. This is certainly the right response, but unless you’re next door to a hospital, that person may need medical care immediately to save their life. The first few minutes after a collapse can be crucial. Getting a cpr certificate brisbane would equip you with the ability to drastically increase someone’s chances of survival.

Accidents aren’t predictable.

Though there are some situations that are more obviously dangerous than others, many major accidents happen in completely surprising ways. In those situations, there may not be a medical expert on hand to sort things out straight away. That’s where someone trained in first aid can step in and provide the necessary care. Knowing the tools will be essential in those moments. People trained in first aid are also better at being aware of precarious situations that could cause harm or injury, so they may be able to warn others in advance and prevent an accident.

You’ll know how to react.

In a moment of crisis, such as after a motor accident or when somebody has a sudden and unexpected injury, many peoples’ natural reaction is to panic. They may freeze up, try to leave, or attempt to help without any knowledge of how they can do so. If you have proper first aid training you’ll have the confidence needed to step up and take charge in an emergency rather than standing by aimlessly, running away, or potentially making the situation worse than it needs to be.

You’ll become a more confident parent.

Parenting is hard work, but it can be made easier when you have the confidence needed to make decisions and care for your family when they need you. Learning first aid will help you feel more comfortable in your role as a caregiver. Whether your child breaks a bone or scrapes their knee, you’ll know exactly what to do and will be able to handle it in a calm, relaxed way that reassures them. Learning first aid can also be a great way to combat those new parent nerves that many people struggle with.

It improves your employability.

Certain legislation in some states requires workplaces to have at least one employee available in the building or on site who has completed first aid training. Having this achievement marked down on your CV could make you a more attractive employee, and increase your chances of getting hired when other similar candidates are in competition for the role. It will also make you a valued and important member of your workplace, as you have the ability to help those in need.