Why Artivigil is Superior than Modafinil Prescription

Artvigil is a product that contains 150mg of armodafinil which promotes better focus and improved alertness. By providing armodafinil, artivigil fosters wakefulness and also boosts the mental drive. Consumers can buy armodafinil online to stimulate better focus and a reduction in fatigue.

This product is suitable for users dealing with excessive daytime sleepiness since it is more potent in enhancing wakefulness. Also, armodafinil helps in stimulating motivation and well-being to improve productivity. Taking this product results in better accuracy and speed, thus the user can accomplish the set task faster.

Armodafinil also aids in boosting the brain function hence, the user can multitask due to increased concentration, alertness and focus. In addition, the user can experience improved mood. Also, this formula reaches peak effects from six to eight hours and has an onset of two hours. By using this formula, the memory is improved which is essential for professionals and people handling complex tasks.

Armodafinil aids in reducing mental fatigue and excessive sleepiness. The formula provides long-lasting effects without causing any unpleasant effects. Further, arvigil assists in boosting the mental performance hence can be used to attain academic success.

Who Can Use Artvigil?

Artvigil can be used by consumers seeking to excel when handling complex and strenuous tasks regardless of the level of fatigue. This product can be used by business executives, students, professionals and individuals who desire to increase performance and perform activities with the utmost accuracy and speed.

Armodafinil can be used by students since it is safe for use and promotes wakefulness thus keeping the users alert and increasing concentration. Due to enhanced brain function, this product stimulates faster decision-making and helps in multitasking thus supporting excellent performance.

Artvigil vs. Modalert

Artvigil and Modalert are products that stimulate wakefulness although the active ingredients used are different in each product. Artivigil contains armodafinil while Modalert has modafinil as the active ingredient. The difference between artivigil and Modalert is that armodafinil is stronger than modafinil and hence costs a little bit more than modafinil.

Modafinil reaches the peak in the bloodstream faster than armodafinil, hence armodafinil might be suitable for users dealing with excessive daytime sleepiness since it promotes wakefulness. Although modafinil is fast acting, the results produced by armodafinil are stronger and more intense. Further, 150mg of armodafinil provides the same effects as the modafinil prescription of 200mg.


Artvigil is packed in blisters of 10 which have a hard covering to add strength and safety to the strip which can be easily divided to stimulate flexibility and convenience. The user is recommended to take 150mg of armodafinil once in a day.

This dosage has an onset of two hours and the peak effects range from six to eight hours. Taking the recommended dosage minimizes the occurrence of any adverse effects. Before tolerance is attained, the user should stick to using the set dosage. To avoid the allergic reactions, the user is advised to check the ingredients used before consumption.


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