5 Factors That Keep You Stuck in Alcohol Addiction

People who have undergone detox and finished their rehab treatment program will typically have a long episode of sobriety, and this can last for weeks, months or even years. They then feel better, the food tastes better and they feel healthier. There’s even a term for this, and it’s called the “Pink Cloud,” when recovering addicts experience being “high on life.”

Of course, this doesn’t always last. Just as they can ride the high, they can plunge to extreme lows. And this is the most dangerous time for the recovering addict because they are vulnerable to going back to their bad habits.

Here are some of the factors that can keep people from fully getting sober:

Lack of Support System

When the blues will hit you, they will hit you hard. Without an active support system, they don’t have the sounding board to unload their frustrations and fears. Over the years, alcoholics have turned to the bottle for any flimsy excuse. It’s a similar situation when they are alone and the craving starts. The support system doesn’t need to be your family or close friends; other recovering alcoholics are a good source of encouragement when you are at your lowest. There are also hotline numbers with counselors on the other end who can listen to you 24/7.

Fear of Failure/Success

Alcoholics have been told that they are losers for so long. In fact, they are their own worst critic. And they tell themselves that they are losers in order to cope with the huge guilt. When they fail at something, they can always justify it by their addiction. After rehab, however, suddenly they are hit with the realization that they have to face the world without their security blanket and that can be downright scary.

Not Fully Trusting the Process

The only way for the alcoholic to get sober is when he or she is committed to following the step-by-step process. The rigid structure can sometimes get you, and it’s a rigorous, even boring, process. But there’s no way around it. The only way toward recovery is to plow through these challenges.

Not Breaking Old Routines

This would be taken up in one of your sessions inside alcohol rehab centers. What was the old adage again? A crazy person will do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different outcome each time. By the time you step out of the alcohol rehab facilities, you will need to rid yourself of the old baggage. Sometimes, it’s necessary that you break contact with your old friends, especially if they were drinking buddies only. You need to make a new route to your office, for instance, especially if you happen to pass by your favorite bar on your way there.

Not Confronting the Root Cause of the Problem

For the most part, alcoholism is just a symptom of a bigger issue. If they don’t come to terms with the root cause of why they turn to the bottle in the first place, there’s a good chance they will suffer a relapse.  Whether it’s an overriding guilt, phobia, childhood trauma or real emotional problems like anxiety, mental illness or physical deformity, they have first to address the complex before they can deal with the addiction.