About Chrysalis

Coming to a point in time where the amount of mental health problems in society keep increasing is definitely one of worry. However, with worry we need solutions, and with that, came about an institute known as Chrysalis in 1998. It was established within the United Kingdom in order to provide courses and practical knowledge to students in the areas of counselling and therapies. With the intention to support, help, and result in the growth of people, Chrysalis courses believe in the ideas of practical and knowledge gaining courses which are offered to the students at the institute.


Chrysalis aims to work with designing courses and educational experiences which tend to be unique, relaxing, creative, and accredited with professional bodies and organizations. The curriculums are put together keeping the students in mind in order to allow for a comfortable experience with learning. Chrysalis courses brings about a support system for their students, allowing them obtain their qualifications and to go out to help support other individuals while making society a happier place through healing processes.

The institute aims to be a non-profit organization with the philosophy and aims to become a body which creates the healers of tomorrow. The profits generated is re-invested into the organization to move towards more developed and enhanced experience with the learning process. Chrysalis continuously aims to provide a wide diversity of courses in the areas of counseling and therapy to allow for people to learn beyond their limits.

Going through an experience with Chrysalis courses allows one to be able to grow both professionally and personally. With recognized qualifications, recognition and professional standards, a student becomes recognized as a therapist or a counselor being able to start a career in the areas. Moreover, the experience brings about a unique sense of personal growth as well since the person goes through a medium of learning soft and meaningful academia through the thoughts and feelings of others involved. The experience is rewarding and wholesome in the general sense, leading to a level of self-fulfillment.

Chrysalis aims to cover important grounds at a time when it is much needed. With Chrysalis courses revolving around the ideas of counseling and therapy, the institute brings about learning in important and sensitive spots for those who want to help the world.