About The National Counseling Society

The National Counseling Society (NCS) is a body that works with offering counseling and support services to individuals. Being set up in 1999 by a bunch of psychologists and counselors, it continues to offers necessary and legit support services in the areas of the United Kingdom. It is one of the first and only organizations in the areas of counseling services to be officially accredited by the authorities.


The NCS believes that the mental health of a person is important and that counseling should be considered as a vital occupation in the modern day society. The NCS aims to make the relationship between a counselor and a client to be of understanding and trust, in order to develop comfort and move towards working with solving the problems that their clients face.

The NCS tends to set robust and rigorous standards in the areas of offering counseling services. With various health centers and support programs available, NCS aims to be a non-profit organization offering support services to individuals who may be seeking for counseling or therapy services.

Safe Space

The NCS works with being an organization that creates a safe space for individuals to open share their difficulties and problems. With their organization’s philosophy revolving around the ideas of respect and service, it is shown that counseling is considered to be an important part of today’s society. The standards set forward in the organization are reflected upon in their policies and initiatives. The NCS keeps their counselors and support staff close, by constantly acknowledging them and supporting them through various benefits.

Knowing that the common individual is prone to a variety of mental health issues, the NCS understands that there are numerous reasons as to why a person may be wanting to seek counseling. By offering the right services at high quality standards, the organization keeps its clients close to them and allows for a creation of a safe space for every individual. They tend to be approachable and understanding, while prioritizing the needs and requests of different people. The NCS works with creating a body which values the important of mental health issues, and puts forward the right platform for people to come and obtain the support that they are looking for.

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