Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Most of us would’ve fancied riding a bicycle back when we were kids. Nothing would feel as fresh and alive as riding bicycle with friends back in those days. But as we grow up, work, studies, and overpowering technology almost make us forget what bicycles are. Even for people who look at bicycles, nothing feels extraordinary about it. However, to bring your attention back to a bicycle, it is one of the most rewarding means of exercising. You don’t even need a mobile bicycle. All you have to do is join indoor cycling class in Hong Kong with Wong Kam Po. With that being said, here’s why cycling is an amazing form of exercise.


People nowadays reach their phones and frantically look for what the best forms of cardiovascular exercises are. Indoor cycling is an easy to perform cardiovascular exercise compared to other exercises. All you have to do is ride a stationary bike for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Indoor cycling helps you achieve a vigorous heart rate for the time duration you spend cycling. This helps you in a longer run to avoid heart related problems and stay healthy.

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Calorie burn

Cycling is a great way to shed extra amount of calories and lose weight. Typically, riding an indoor cycle for about an hour can help you burn 450 to 650 calories. Compared to a number of exercises that people perform to lose weight, indoor cycling is quite easy to perform and also entertaining. All you have to do is keep pedaling while listening to your favorite music.

Low impact exercise

When a person recovers from orthopedic injuries, he or she needs a low impact exercise to make a slow start. Once the physician gives a green signal, indoor cycling is the best kind of exercise to get back to exercise after recovery. The instructor can guide you through the right ways of cycling so that there is minimal pressure on joints. Other activities often need pounding movements. This can cause a lot of force being put on the joints resulting in pain. Cycling is done in a circular motion which makes it really easy for the joints.

Enhanced daily tasks

When you perform indoor cycling, it puts some amount of pressure on certain parts of your limbs. Areas, like hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus, and calf muscles are worked a lot. This builds endurance in these muscles. Over a period of time, you’d be able to exert pressure on these areas repeatedly without tiring them or resulting in an ache. This means you can perform everyday activities more easily than before.

Good for mental health

Besides taking care of the physical aspects, indoor cycling is also equally rewarding for the mind. It can be really fun and entertaining as you perform cycling. And once you are done with it, your sweaty strands will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Cycling is also used as a treatment for people who suffer from insomnia.