Full cream milk is like somehow kind of milk that has had its cream blended in but on the other hand it is much better as compared with toned milk or any other . As very well we all know that milk itself is a body builder and has many enrich calcium in it.

        Basically this full cream organic milk product also provides an opportunity to the farmer to earn profit. There are lot of buyers who used buy milk daily “Does they think of that why organic milk is brought up to the market? What was the objective to launch this kind of milk.

      Milk is a body- builder : this phrase is proabably one of those few things which we have been made to believe is set in stone. Here I would like to throw light on the given topic and how full cream milk get changed into organic milk and how it was introduced in the market with milk product organization named as ‘Niryas’.

     As when we mentioned about milk , it easily remind of some creamy,fresh and calcium taker or booster for our body . This quality is found in the product ‘Niryas’ which provides fresh and creamy type of milk according to our body our body requirement. This brand has made a great place in the market and hopefully will be spreaded all over the world.

     Moreover this brand has also launched many of there product which is for beautiful skin and for healthy body likewise chaanch, lassi and some of the beauty products  as fairness cream, lotion and moisturizer. Niryas milk is supposed to be sweet with a mild after-taste, creamier on the tongue, fresh and slightly off-white in colour. It has more proteins, fat and calories.

       Here some of the special qualities which Niryas product has in there milk is:
Flavour : Consumers prefer milk with a subtle sweetness.The sweetness comes due to the presence of lactose. There shouldn’t be a sour after taste. It have a faint saltiness due to the presence of minerals. So, it is  flavourful, salty, grassy, nutty or neutral you will be knowing after purchasing this milk brand.

  1. Freshness: Needless to say, milk should taste fresh otherwise buyers are not interested to buy milk , and even in the market it is soon going to be lauched  because ‘Niryas.com’ served a very good and appropriate milk as compared to other brand milk.

        If we comapare ‘Niryas’ full cream organic milk with the regular milk there is a big vast difference between both and that is Though organic milk will have a very similar nutritional profile to regular milk (including stores of vitamin D, protein, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B12), but does anyone think that this organic full cream is more beneficial so on the other hand regular milk provides a great deal of essential vitamins and nutrients for development and growth, especially in children, and can also help keep the body in proper working order at any age.

            Now here the question arises which one is better whether: Organic full cream OR Regular Milk? While both milk choices have a very similar nutrient base, organic products often have less human handling and interaction and less chemicals and hormones, which makes healthy product overall. And people seem to be attracted towards buying organic products in such high numbers that demand is at all time at increasing rate.

The proof is also in the numbers for milk. Though if we compare with the Americans they are now consuming less milk than ever before, organic milk sales are continuing the steady climb and will reach at its high level according to the demand of people or buyers. Today, organic milk constitutes 4 percent of total milk consumption and is only continuing to grow.

         Niryas  dahi  and milk provides protein and very much helpful for bones because due to presence of calcium it helps the human to move properly. It is good for digestion and consist of less fat and less calorie which helps in growth of the body. Specially in summers Dahi keeps our stomach cool and milk makes the bone more stronger and decreases insulin sensitivity.

Niryas products contain calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium, which have shown to be beneficial in improving pancreatic beta-cell function, reducing inflammation and modulating insulin resistance. People who derive their proteins primarily from dairy products(Niryas) stand to gain from improved glucose tolerance and also control weight lose. Niryas Dairy products are a rich source of essential fatty acids such as Pentadecanoic acid, and Conjugated linoleic acid. These provide wide ranging benefits such as lower insulin resistance, prevention of obesity etc.

      Niryas milk product also good for baby health and prevents from diseases. A baby requires enormous amounts of calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Full cream organic milk for babies fulfills that requirement by providing an adequate supply of calcium. Niryas product contains significant amounts of healthy fats and proteins, which are vital for healthy growth and development of the baby. Such growth and development covers both physical as well as mental development.

    Do you know ? Niryas product is good for our health development.

Likewise Dahi is a great treat and comes with loads of healthy nutrients such as calcium, minerals, essential fats and proteins. You may love to gorge on tasty dahi, having become addicted to its creamy, wholesome goodness, especially when dahi is made from the best full cream organic milk. However, since monotony can sometimes disturb the taste, let’s forever enjoy the wonders of tasty dahi by using the full cream organic milk (Niryas).

   As it conclude that Niryas is declared one of the best product dairy organization where all product is very much beneficial and placed itself in whole market as people are demanding it will be spreaded all over the world.

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