How to get rid of hives with home remedies

Hives are red scaly willets that are caused due to itching in the affected area on human body. It is a kind of allergy. It can be caused due to variety of things varying from some food, drink or stress. Here are few home-based remedies which may help you to get rid of hives effectively.

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is said to enhance the immune system of human body and hence helps avoid any kind of allergy. The hives are basically caused by excess secretion of histamine which causes the blood vessels to leak to intricate depth of skin causing itching effect. Vitamin C helps control the excess secretion of histamine and helps control the occurring of hives.

It’s always better to consult a doctor before taking excess amount of vitamin C in your diet. Normally it’s not harmful to many people until you have a specific medical condition that prevent you from taking too much of vitamin C.

Cold Temperature.

Until the cause of hives is cold itself, it is always better to stay in cold temperature if you suffer from hives. Try to work in cold conditions. When suffering from hives you can apply cold pads on the affected area. You can also take bath with cold water to cure hives if it is affecting prolonged areas on your body.

Cold temperature tends to suppress hives from occurring on your skin and hence provides the relief. Cold baths give immediate relief from itching caused due to hives. Although it is not a long-term solution and you must take other medications to cure hives permanently.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar is best friend of your skin. It can help cure various skin conditions including hives. You need to mix some vinegar to a cup of corn starch to make a flowy paste. Now apply this paste on affected area after taking bath with cold water. Rub this paste for a while and leave it for five minutes. You will see magical result after continuing this therapy for few days.

Aloe Vera.

Again, like cold water bath this gives immediate relief from itchiness and hives from popping on the skin surface. Aloe Vera is a gel extracted from long leaves of plant called aloe vera. You can very easily grow it in a pot in your house.

Cut a leaf from the plant and scale its sides to avoid any harm due to overgrown thorns on its leaves. Now slice the leaf into half and scoop out the gel inside. Now you can blend this gel in mixer for easy application. You can also prepare it in advance for further use. Best way to store it is in an air tight box in a refrigerator. It is also readily available in market these days.

Apply this gel on affected area whenever and wherever you feel itchiness. It will relive you instantly. This is also not a long-term solution and you need to take some other medication or cure to treat the hives permanently.