Impact Of Psychological Problems In Fertility – Society Issues

Infertility is a common problem today. A number of persons in the world are suffering with this infertility problem. The main reason for this problem is people don’t know what leads to this infertility problem. There are a lot of reasons for this problem and this varies from one person to another. Therefore, a person is suffered with this problem he or she must know what leads to the infertility problem.

Besides from the other reasons, a major reason that leads to infertility problem is the psychological effect. Psychological problems have a great connection to this infertility. Many researchers believe that infertility is a mediated psychological condition. It is strongly believed that psychological effects have great impact in infertility. Thus, if any person who finds infertility in them must check with a maternity specialist in Chennai about what the reason for their problem is.

Many persons those who suffered with this infertility problem states that psychological problems like stress increase the chances of infertility. Psychological stress appears to be more common and one of the reasons for this problem. Research shows that the main sources of stress for infertility patients are the impact of infertility on their social life, their sexual health, and their relationships with their partner.

How psychological stress related to infertility?

Most of the research related to the infertility believes that stress as being a contributing factor in some cases of infertility. The hypothalamus, which regulates those stress responses, also controls and regulates sex hormones. The stress response in both men and women may be impacted as the levels of stress hormones are released causing both irregular ovulation as well as reducing sperm counts in men. It is thought it plays a role in up to 30% of cases of infertility.Not only related to infertility but also psychological stress and problems related to social issues of a person.

Impacts of Stress

Lower semen volume

Lower sperm count

Irregular ovulation

Lowered LH and testosterone

Reduced sex drive

Erectile dysfunction


Stress or infertility

Clearly, the infertility problem creates more stress and problems to a person than the stress creating the infertility problem. Most of the couples in the infertility treatment state that their treatment and their problem give them more psychological problems.

Managing Stress

Best fertility hospital in Chennai will counsel that a couple experiencing fertility problems will most certainly encounter moments of stress and emotional upset. While it is possible to for this stress to impact fertility treatments, it is equally possible to manage the stress successfully.

  • Remember the stress response is not always bad. It can actually motivate you to act further.
  • Regular exercise is a great stress reliever
  • In small amounts, sunshine is also known as a mood elevator
  • Support Groups allow you to surround yourself with people who understand and limit feelings of isolation
  • Proper nutrition gives the body what it needs to process stress effectively

Stress and infertility are forever complexly entwined. Rather than trying to blame infertility on stress, minimize unhealthy stress where possible and use healthy stress to motivate you to greater positive action.