Is There Any Dispute About The Legalities Of Humatrope?

When buying some products in the market especially medicines, it is very important to know the legalities of that product and it will definitely save us from further problems and responsibilities. So before purchasing any kind of medical products, make it a habit to consult a medical specialist in order to avoid unnecessary circumstances caused by wrong medication.

Illegal Use of Humatrope (HGH)

The use of Humatrope and other human growth hormone products is very popular these days and people use them for various reasons. Nevertheless, most of the uses of the HGH, including those uses that made it highly popular, have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). If you want to be enlightened about the legalities and consequences of HGH, let’s know more about it!

Human Growth Hormones like Humatrope plays a vital role in the stimulation of cell production, cell growth and cell regeneration in both man and animals. The intake of Humatrope and other Human Growth Hormones may induce bone density and muscle mass. This leads to low-fat level and increased stamina and energy.  The use of Humatrope is advisable for those people who are suffering from growth hormone failures. But there are people who are abusing the use of growth hormones in the hope of having a good and young body. Thus, the use of Human Growth Hormone was regulated by various laws.

Accepted Usage of Humatrope

          Bio-synthetic HGH products are considered drugs, and these products are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Humatrope for Sale and other HGH products are approved by the regulatory body for the treatment of growth hormone deficiencies in both children and adults. It can also be lawfully used to aid HIV infection, short bowel syndrome, and renal deficiency.

In children, the use of Humatrope is approved for its medical use concerning growth hormone deficiency such as Turner’s syndrome, congenital diseases, and Prader-Willi Syndrome. The said conditions are known to be the reason for the stunted growth and poor development in children.

Illegal Distribution of Humatrope

          In the United States, HGH such as Humatrope can only be accessed with a doctor’s prescription. The possession of this product without doctor’s prescription is considered illegal. But according to some studies, the number of people using HGH illicitly is very high (estimated at about 6 million). Most of the people abusing it are young people who are very interested in maintaining their great physique and building their lean body mass. It said that most of these users gained the access to this product by the help of physicians who prescribe it for the treatment of the medical conditions approved by the Food and Drugs Administration without proper examination and supervision. In some cases, the doctors are also said to prescribe Human Growth Hormone illegally for off-label usages. In addition, HGH products may also be obtained through the black market or smuggled from other countries.

Punishments for the Illegal Use of Humatrope

          The illicit use of Humatrope is punishable by both federal and state laws. Anybody caught by the possession and distribution of HGH for other purposes aside from the treatment of medical conditions authorized by the HHS (Secretary of Health and Human Services) is considered guilty of an offense. This offense is punishable by up to five years in prison. There are also fines imposed that can run into several thousands of dollars. This law is not just written on a paper; actually, it was actively and strictly being enforced. Companies selling HGH online for off-label purposes, such as anti-aging treatment are informed by the FDA that their actions are in violation of the existing law against the illegal use of HGH.

Anyone who is illegally administering bio-synthetic HGH without a doctor’s prescription and with an intention to deceive will likely stand a risk of getting a minimum of a three-year sentence in a federal prison. So if you are not using and distributing HGH for the FDA approved conditions, you should be aware and be careful because your action is in violation of laws supported by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

What are the Side effects of Humatrope?

Humatrope is very essential yet it could also be destructive if not used properly. It may also pose unwanted effects so before taking up any medication, consult the doctor first.

The resulting side effects have been known to be the common side effects of HGH or Humatrope intake. Some of these side effects can be accomplished, and some may pass away voluntarily.

  • breast enlargement
  • carpal tunnel disorder
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • joint pains
  • muscle pain
  • pain , redness and swelling at the place of injection
  • swelling of feet, lower legs or hands

While most of the side effects happen very rarely, as side effects might lead to grim problems like:

  • limp
  • Contour of skin at site of injection
  • ear contamination or other ear issues (Turner’s syndrome)
  • a headache
  • skin rashes or burning itch
  • indications of high blood sugar (e.g., fruity breath odor, increased thirst, frequent urination, unexplained loss of weight, slow wound healing, excessive eating infections,)
  • nausea and vomiting
  • severe abdominal pain, mainly in children
  • pain in hip or knee
  • severe headaches with nausea with vomiting or visual problems
  • signs of severe allergic reaction (e.g., being nauseated and vomiting, or inflammation of the face and throat, difficulty breathing, abdominal cramps)

Some other Serious Side Effects of Humatrope

Breastfeeding: When you are breastfeeding mother and you are taking Humatrope, it may affect your baby.

Cancer: Survivors of childhood cancer are not advisable to take Humatrope because it might increase the risk of tumor development, both non-cancerous and cancerous.

Diabetes: Humatrope may cause an increased rate of blood sugar and your glucose tolerance might also change. Diabetic people are advised to check their blood sugar frequently while consuming this medication.

Hypothyroidism (a condition of low thyroid hormone): Humatrope may trigger hypothyroidism and it may lead to muscle pains or stiffness, unexplained weight gain, constipation, fatigue or drying of skin.

Pregnancy: If you become pregnant while taking Humatrope, contact your doctor immediately. As a matter of fact, this medication should not be used during pregnancy unless the benefits are greater than the risk.

Seniors: If you are 65 years old and above, it is not advisable for you to take this medication because the safety and efficiency of using this are not guaranteed.

Scoliosis: People taking Humatrope with scoliosis problems are at threat of worsening their condition. So better ask the doctor for the best advice on how to use this medication.


          Actually, there is no dispute regarding the use of HGH products such as Humatrope as long as we use it for the right purposes. Moreover, Humatrope is used to treat people with human growth deficiency and is not intended for bodybuilding etc. Always remember that too much of something is destructive. So be careful on the medications that you are purchasing and using because it might harm you especially if there is no prescription coming from the experts.