Slowly But Surely I’m Going Down From 500 Pounds With Ultra Omega Burn

Want to know what it’s like to weigh over 500 pounds?

I’ve always been fat. In fact, I went from a tubby child, to a heavyset teenager, to an obese adult. The pounds came on slowly but steadily. So steadily that I never thought of being fat as either a problem or even a disease. I came to think that my weighing over 400 pounds was an inevitable fact of nature, like the shape of my ear, the length of my nose and the color of my eyes. Naturally, these were dysfunctional perspectives. After all, who’s going to try to lose weight if she (or he) can’t see the importance of doing so?

Let me first of all warn you that this isn’t one of those feel-good, beating-great-odds accounts. The fact is that I’m still fat and I still have serious issues to deal with. So, no, I haven’t resolved all my problems and I can’t help you resolve all of your problems—not even the ones to do with diet.

But, wait, this isn’t to say that I don’t have words of great comfort, some tidbits of wisdom to impart and a genuine hope for those of you who have walked into the same minefields that I ran into.

Perhaps the biggest tidbit of wisdom I can share with you is that I came to realize that before I could bring positive, significant change from the outside, I had to change from within. I know that all this may sound like familiar material, like something I borrowed from some magazine they posted on those aisles by the cash register.

I have always thought that people generally had a low opinion of me and that I, therefore, was justified in blaming other people for many of my misfortunes. But the truth is that I hated myself more than anyone has hated me. Before I could fix anything in my life, I had to change that around. I had to forgive myself for derailing my own life; then I had to work on regaining my self-respect and my confidence.

Losing weight, although I still have far to go, was a good start of my journey to heal and to regain control of my life. I take this thing called Ultra Omega Burn. It’s helping me lose weight like nothing else has. The first month I lost 6 pounds without doing anything. Guessed it was water weight. But then the second month passed and I lost another 8 or 9 pounds, and I thought perhaps I’m on to something good here.

So far I’m still shedding pounds, but I want to make it faster, so I have also added some simple but effective exercises from YouTube—some you can do while you’re sitting watching TV. And I am cooking from scratch at home. I also have family and friends urging me to make it to the finish line. All these things are working—I am a living testament to that.