The 4 Signs that it’s Time to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Is it time to quit drinking alcohol?

Today, alcohol consumption has become widely recognized at family get together occasions, special events, parties and to some people, drinking alcohol is a casual activity. Some people drink alcohol since they think it helps them feel relaxed, it relieves them from stress and to some, drink because it is the thing to do at certain events such as a wedding. However, although anyone who feels like can drink, there is a responsible way of doing it and then there are symptoms that can tell you your drinking habit has gotten out of control. In fact, research shows that almost 30% are affected by inappropriate alcohol consumption worldwide. Here are signs to look for if you have concerns for about someone’s drinking habits, including your own. If the habit goes past these signs, the next step is to enter an alcohol treatment center for rehabilitation.

Note that even if you have a reason why you must drink alcohol daily, you need to look for the signs you need to quit drinking.

  1. Are you struggling with health complications? Time to quit drinking!

Excessive alcohol drinking has a variety of health complications such as irritation in your throat or stomach. In fact, its effects on a human body are detrimental. If you feel like you are experiencing abnormalities with your liver enzymes, it may be signs that drinking alcohol has to be stopped. If you have complications with your throat or stomach, seek medical attention and advice from your physician as these also could be related to the alcohol use. These problems will continue to get worse unless you seek help immediately. Many signs that need to be given some attention is weight gain and bloating. If your appearance and wellbeing are being affected by your drinking behaviors, it’s a definite sign that it’s time to stop drinking.

  1. Irresponsible behaviors

Listen; if you have lost your job because of drinking alcohol, it’s time to stop! If you are always late for important events like family gatherings, work, or you feel unable to cope with concentration in daily activities, it may be time to seek help from an alcohol treatment center. Too much drinking can lead to irresponsible conduct.

  1. You always find a reason to drink

 Do you make excuses to drink alcohol? It’s time to seek help!

Drinking occasionally with friends could be where you began, but currently, you find reasons to drink regularly. It doesn’t matter it’s a vague holiday, a nerve-racking situation, or an upcoming social occasion; you find opportunities to drink.

Making justifications to drink is a sign that it’s time to seek help.

  1. Are you unable to control your drinking habits? It’s time to stop drinking!

After you swallow one drink do you find yourself requesting more and more until you black out? Being unable to contain your drinking habits after you start is a sure red flag. If you find that you are always in blackout mode the following morning after a night out with friends, it’s time to rethink your habits.


Rethink your drinking habits and find out if you notice one or more of the above that relates to you. If yes, you need to seek help before things gotten worse. The last alternative has far-reaching and recovery programs aimed to help you get your life back altogether. Why wait until it reaches this point? Stop drinking today!