True Weight Loss Success Story of a Woman

Shirley Rohan

 Before: 190 lbs

After: 115 lbs

Although she is 29 years old and she stands only five feet tall. She lives in Austin, Texas and she is a beautician by profession. When Shirley was planning her wedding in early 2013, the added stress drove her to eat even more. “I was in serious denial and avoided scales, cameras, and mirrors,” she says. But she couldn’t be able to avoid the size-18 tag on her wedding gown.

The Change Begun

When Shirley’s wedding photos arrived in November 2013, those were that annoying that she didn’t want anyone to see them. “I looked at the photos in my bedroom alone and I cried,” she says. “I was very embarrassed that I let myself to get that large.” She decided that something had to be done now.

Life Style of Shirley Rohan

Shirley has the habit to emptying her pantry and fridge, tossing all the frozen pizzas, chips and other junk. Instead, to stay empty stomach, she started cooking of healthy versions of her favorite foods. As she said, “It was an eye-opener to see the difference between the size of what I am eating and what I was eating earlier.” When she steps onto a scale, it indicated the alarming digit of 190 lbs. She took up the courage and start jogging on her treadmill for 3o minutes, six days a week. From the next year, she added a DVD strength workout plans, cut out soda and processed foods.

In December 2014, she again went on the scale and that flashed 160 at that time. “I couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe the scale was broken because I was expecting a lot more than that,” says Shirley.

 Turning Point in Shirley’s life

She was searching on the web for the right solution and luckily she went onto the website. She read about the weight loss products over there and inspired that much that she immediately ordered some weight loss products.

After 5 weeks or so, the magic began, and scale flashed 140 lbs. Shirley is very thankful for the and TruVision products.

Now she doesn’t need any work out as she has gained her desired weight of 120 lbs and still using the other general health products. Shirley says about her success, “I accidentally went onto the page and I feel really lucky. The dream comes true to me, thanks to”. She further says “I suggest all my family and friends that are suffering from obesity or general health issues to purchase the products from as they are offering the products with awesome deals and on time home delivery. Now our health and weight managements are literally at our finger tips.” “Thank you” she added.


As of now, Shirley has the energy to log nine-mile runs and go biking and hiking with her husband. And she is anything but camera shy. “I used to run from cameras, but now I like what I see in photos,” she says. “I’m finally at peace with the way I look and it happened only because of and TruVision Products.”