What Is Alcoholism?

Introduction of Alcoholism

Alcoholism or it can be referred as alcohol usage disorder has taken a face of serious disease affecting around 15 million people in the United States. You will be surprised to know that only 6.7% of affected people have ever approached for medical help. The main reason behind this small percentage of people seeking medical help is that the rest of the people believe that they can individually treat themselves alone. This method rarely works because alcoholism is a multifaceted disease with deeply rooted in emotional, physical behavior of a person addicted to alcohol. Addiction of alcohol is itself a struggle which will immensely adversely affect various personal and social aspects of one’s life. Rehab for alcohol in Orange County can help these addicted patients to recover from there alcohol addictions through their science based treatment therapies for a healthy life ahead.

Types of Treatment for Alcoholism

There are numerous ways to treat a patient diagnosed with Alcoholism. Some treatments involve inpatient therapies whereas as some involve outpatient therapies as well. Every method is designed for a particular type of alcoholism. You need to go through each one of them thoroughly in order to understand the procedure best suited for your patient.

  • Outpatient Treatment – In this type of treatment, the patient is allowed to live with his family and fulfill his social responsibilities just like he was doing earlier. Outpatient treatment will require the patient to visit his doctor on regular basis and take medications as prescribed. This treatment is economic as compared to inpatient treatment. The patient can lead a normal life and go to his office and fulfill other commitments. This treatment will require the patient to exercise rigorous control over his alcohol consumption as he is out of any kind of supervision. In other words alcoholism has to be considered as secondary in this treatment. Many alcohol addicts have said that this therapy is not strict enough to keep them away from alcohol.
  • Inpatient Treatment – This is the most popular method used in this kind of addiction. The patient is taken into a rehabilitation centre which will offer various facilities and various amenities for the patient to relax and divert his mind from this addiction. All through the day the patients are given various therapies and counseling session are conducted to help them in recovery. A inpatient treatment is generally of 28-90 days in duration. Which can however be customized according to the patients. Though this treatment is expensive as compared to the above treatment, but it will allow the patient to take a break from his stressful life and concentrate on his well being.
  • Luxury – This treatment is the most expensive of all the treatments. In this an exclusive rehab program is being designed for an individual patient according to his requirements of addiction. The patient will be kept in a place with most luxurious facilities and amenities available. They will be given individual medical assistance as and when required. They will be indulged in various activities like horse riding, skiing, etc. which will not be offered in conventional methods.

There are various therapies undertaken for the patients in rehab for alcohol in Orange County. These are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Stress Management, Counseling, Meditation, etc. There are various lecture sessions conducted to support and make the patients strong both mentally and physically.