What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and How is it Helpful?

Non-Emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a specialized service that offers comfortable and secure long-distance (intercity and interstate) transportation of patients. The service is ideal for circumstances when, after a medical procedure, travelling by other means of transport is not possible or if the doctor has advised against it.

NEMT services are particularly useful for transporting persons with physical or sensory disabilities to and from the medical facility.

While popular perception is that medical transportation is used mostly by elderly patients, the fact is that today more and more patients and caregivers are opting for reliable and safe medical travel, regardless of the person’s age. Children, in particular, benefit greatly from the well-equipped NEMT vehicles assisted by trained medical professionals. In times of injury or other special medical needs, it helps parents to have such a service at their disposal so that they do not have to worry about the safe transfer of the child.

Some non-emergency situations in which NEMT services may be useful are as follows.

  • When travelling by public transport or private vehicle can put the patient’s health at risk
  • Visiting the physician for a routine check-up at a time when a loved one or friend is unable to accompany the patient
  • Transfer to one’s home after a surgery or other medical procedure that requires careful transportation and the presence of a medical professional
  • Follow-up appointments with the doctor after a complex procedure
  • When the patient’s condition is such that they cannot access treatment without the aid of medical transportation and trained medical staff
  • When the doctor has advised against transporting the patient by means other than NEMT

Is Long Distance Medical Transportation Affordable?

The price you pay for using an NEMT service depends on several factors: the distance to be covered, the level of medical assistance required in transit, the frequency of visits, and so forth. There are, however, medical transportation providers out there who offer professional services at affordable pricing. Generally, the NEMT price quoted by a provider would include the pick-up fee, cost per mile, medical assistance fee and additional fees for medical equipment or supplies, such as for oxygen.

Also note that the greater the luxury factor in the NEMT service you pick, the higher will be the price you pay for it. It does not mean, however, that choosing a semi-luxury medical transfer service will pose any health risk to the person being transferred. The patient’s well-being is the utmost concern for a reliable and experienced medical transportation provider.

Long Distance Medical Transportation is a specialized service that must be entrusted only to the best provider that has the expertise, the equipment and the experience to transport your loved ones safely. So choose a medical transportation company that will not fall short on your expectations.

Lastly, your NEMT expenses may be covered by Medicare provided certain conditions are met. Private insurance companies generally do not cover non-emergency medical transportation, unless it’s built into the plan you purchased. Each insurance company will have their own rules regarding NEMT inclusions, so it’s best to check with your insurer.