What Salary to Expect When You Decide To Become PT

There are many different reasons why you should pursue physical therapist career and to make lots of money. Even though they are empathetic by nature the empathy doesn’t pay the bills. If you are asking yourself about PT salary UK explained, there are many different factors that will determine the salary that you are going to receive:


As you have expected, the location of where you work will provide you a better salary. The cost of living is higher and bigger in San Francisco than in Des Moines. However, it is not just a cost of living, there are many locations that will provide you better salary rates. Everything works by the principle of demand of supply. According to demand map, PT salaries are higher in the bigger cities than in smaller ones, which is quite logical. For example, London has the highest average annual salaries for PTs, while other places have lower demand and therefore the price and salary is lower.

Experience As with most profession, years of experience can influence the increase of salary especially in PT field because experienced therapist are more efficient and therefore their salary is bigger.

However, in the UK there are three capacities for personal trainers that have different salaries and amount that they earn.

Freelancer in a club

This means that personal trainers have to work for themselves, however, within a gym, health club, leisure center or some type of fitness clubs and establishment. Under this particular capacity, they have to rent the club in order to use its facilities, and they have to secure their own customers and clients among club’s members. The money they earn varies from the location and experience of the personal trainer, however, in gyms of clubs with the great reputation they can earn around £40 to £60k on yearly basis.

Employed by a club

Some personal trainers are directly employed by fitness clubs and they earn an income on pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) basis. These trainers don’t have to secure their own clients and as such, they can be referred by the club. There are also many different personal trainers that spend their lives and careers in health establishment. At first, they start in lesser branches and as they gain more experience they achieve possibility to work in more established centers and therefore their salary is bigger. As the addition to one-on-one personal training, there are different tasks that fitness trainer must do if they work directly for the club.

Self-employed independent

Similar to freelance personal trainers that work in clubs, self-employed personal trainers have to find their own clients, and their base is different because in some cases they have support with other health clubs. However, this particular way of earning is with higher-risk like any other freelance job and there is no limit in earning and success. There are many trainers that work with celebrities and other show business people and for example, they can earn millions, while others could earn pennies.

With PT salary UK explained, we decided to present you different aspects of working with the personal trainer and physical therapist jobs. If you decide to pursue this particular job, you have to be prepared to work hard and at the end, it will prove itself useful.