Why it’s important to speak about your health

Throughout 2017 there was one topic that seemed to come up more than most. Talking. The idea that now more than ever, we can open up about our feelings, our accomplishments and most importantly, our health; both mental and physical. Although it’s hard to talk about our health it’s even harder to talk about it when something goes wrong. Although our Doctors and Nurses are the best of the best sometimes things just don’t quite go right. Hopefully you have someone, be it close family and friends, who you can talk to but sometimes you need to speak to a professional like Slater and Gordon.

In a world where we open up about everything from our weekend plans to our love lives why don’t we want to talk about out health? While 57% of people would be willing to talk about their health with family or friends, 68% wouldn’t be willing to share their health problems with colleagues.

Although a lot of us refuse to open up about our physical health, mental health seems to carry even more of a stigma. Times are changing though, and slowly but surely people are realising that their mental health doesn’t need to be a taboo.

Some people it would seem don’t even like talking to a medical professional about their health if the rise in googling your symptoms is anything to go by. 62% of people are apparently more likely to google their symptoms than speak to a professional. If you find yourself googling your symptoms then don’t forget that it’s a risky game. Anyone can publish non-credible content online so make sure the sources you are citing are respected. And remember, going to see your doctor is always the best option.

With over half of people polled in a recent survey saying that they wouldn’t know where to go for help if they were mistreated by a medical professional it’s time to change. Lawyers and solicitors are on hand if you feel like you might have a claim, don’t be scared to open up it might save another life.