How to develop your baby brain – Infant nutrition?

The pregnancy period is the very important stage in women’s life since they are going to give birth to another life. Certain things we must follow to take care of the mom and child health from the beginning stage. Do you know? The food diet and emotions with interact with your baby during the pregnancy time and plays a part in developing your growing baby brain. In this current scenario the baby’s health is very important and the mother must guide the baby to get a good start in life. Boosting your child intelligence at the early stage from womb is a positive step to bring a wise baby in the world.

Many babies are born with some deficiency due to lack of essential nutrients from the mother at the time of pregnancy. The food diet and healthy nutritious food is very important factor in development of child. It has been scientifically proved that the baby foods must be consumed in the adequate quantities to promote the brain development of pregnant woman’s baby. Normally the human brain begins to develop between the first and second week of fetal development.

There are several foods which you must eat during the pregnancy time for healthy fetal brain development. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are responsible for brain development in a variety of ways including the growth of brain cells and functioning of brain. Sardines oily fish are the rich source of DHA acid (docosahexaenoic acid) which is very important for helping the brain and central nervous system to turn out for mature stage. The pregnant ladies must intake fish at least two times per week to gain sufficient nutrients in the body. The strength of iron is very important for the mother and child and it will help in production of brain cells and the formation of myelin.

Spinach is the best food for the pregnant women and the baby in womb for the production of DNA and to regulate cell metabolism and it protect the child brain tissue from the damage. Fruits and vegetables are must and it is good for baby health. High intake of proteins will help to build the hormones of growing baby and it also helps to get out from brain damage. Post pregnancy period is also very important and we must put extra effort in developing your child brain with the help of certain skills.

At the age of 5-10 the learning skills and capacity of the children begins to slow down and avoid sugary foods; chemical rich foods and it slowly kills the cells of human brain and it leads to cancer even at the early stages. During pregnancy time don’t stress yourself and relax yourself with proper sleep and just prepare and select the best fertility hospital in Chennai for smooth delivery. There are many hospitals who are providing very good treatments at time of delivery at affordable prices. The fertility specialist in Chennai guiding the mother about intake of proper foods during pre and post pregnancy period.